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captured alongside your wedding photography

The Super 8 has made a great come back from the heights of my grandparents dusty attic simply because it’s a one-of-a-kind unique, visual art machine that I love to create with. 

I’ve been offering these gorgeous ‘highlight’ wedding films (Yes – in both digital and Super8 film) for a few years now due to the demand of couples looking to have the best of both worlds on their day – and I’m stoked to make them as part of my professional arsenal, taking the time to choose candid moments of the day to build a beautiful, nostalgic love story that supplements my professional photography.

Both digital and Kodak films tie in perfectly as a dual sidearm, allowing photo and film mediums to shine in their own light at the same time, without the extra bodies.

Pricing starts from $2,000 for a 3-4 minute highlight film with chosen licensed music track. 

*Vow recording at the ceremony and a speeches cut can also be added at the end of the film also. Just let me know what you want to add. 

By getting to know my couples through these exciting times, I constantly think about how their love can be showcased on the day… and by adding a highlight film, digital or real film, will be the best decision you make, for years to come. 

Check out some beautiful, easy, fun and emotional examples just below..

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